Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our Jewelry

Where is Silverado jewelry from?
We typically show original works from over 50 different Artists; some are Icons in the industry, and some well kept secrets. We have a very interesting mix of artists from near and far. Come see original works from artists located in New York, Vermont, Durango, Phoenix, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Hollywood, Canada, Israel, Germany and many more!
How does Silverado find its artists?
A number of ways actually! We visit international jewelry shows several times per year, as well as go on buying trips. Our buyers also take note of whoís wearing what. Celebrities, politicians, musicians-- even TV newscasters--can influence fashion trends. And of course some of our designers were selected from tips from our own customers!
How often do you get new styles and designs at Silverado?
We check in new jewelry at least 5 days a week! Due to the volume of jewelry that we sell, our buyers are buying constantly, and as such we literally put out new jewelry every day. Fedex and UPS never pass without leaving us new presents!
Does Silverado sell menís jewelry?
Yes, we have 2 Ĺ cases in our store dedicated to menís selections, as well as menís watches from Skagen Danish Designs.
Can I buy wedding rings at Silverado?
Yes, we have sets from several artists. From contemporary to custom, Silverado offers some unique alternatives!

Customer Service

Do you sell Silverado gift cards?
Yes, of course! In fact, we have one of the cutest gift cards in town!
I left Silverado and canít stop thinking about a piece that I tried on! Can you ship it to me?
Yes, of course! As long as the piece is still at Silverado, we are very happy to ship it to you that day, or the very next business day if your call comes after our package pickup. We are also happy to photocopy a piece before you leave so you may have a picture, and artist/price info for reference. Even if you leave Silverado without this info, our staff is willing to locate the piece by your description, confirm it with a fax or scan to your e-mail and ship upon your approval!
What if my favorite jewelry consultant is not there on my shopping day?
All of our staff are trained in the same manner and we donít work on commission. We are a team that loves what weíre doing! Anyone on the staff is happy to help with any jewelry challenge!
Where do you find such friendly and helpful staff? (Yes, this really is a very frequently asked question!)
At Silverado, we exist for our customer. As such, we pick our staff for their passion for helping others and their love of jewelry. Then they begin extensive training in customer service practices, jewelry process, materials, gemstones etc. We are a team that truly loves what weíre doing!
I love everything at Silverado...How do you do it!?
The buying trips are truly one of the really fun parts of the business! All of the styles, and nearly every piece of jewelry at Silverado, are hand-picked by our buyers. We hand select thousands of pieces per year on quarterly buying trips, we choose from tens of thousands of pieces at International Jewelry Shows, and we have artists and distributors send us selections for our approval. Itís fun!

Prospective Artists/Working at Silverado

I am an artist, how do I get my jewelry designs in Silverado?
Prospective artists may send brochure, line sheets, and any press, To Silverado, attn: ďBuyerĒ (Silverado Jewelry Gallery, 446 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY, 12866.) It will get to the proper buyer, who will contact you if we want to arrange a meeting.
Can I just bring in the jewelry I make?
We canít see jewelry without an appointment. We are staffed for customer service as our priority, and not all buyers are available every day, so an advanced appointment is necessary.
How do I get a job at Silverado?
If you like people and love jewelry you may fit right in! Please bring resume to Silverado in person.

Returns/Repairs/Pricing Policy/Parking

What is the return policy at Silverado?
If a piece is unworn and returned in ďnew, re-sellableĒ condition within 2 weeks of purchase, accompanied by the receipt, we will happily provide a store credit for immediate use, or load the credit on a gift card for future shopping.
Do you do repair jewelry at Silverado?
We provide repairs on jewelry that we sell. Simply return it in person, or ship to Silverado, Attn: ďrepairsĒ with your contact and shipping info.
Why donít you sell jewelry on your website?
A couple of reasons...
Because we specialize in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, by the time we photograph a piece and publish it on our website, someone might be trying it on in our store and leaving with it. Of course we donít want to disappoint any of our customers by advertising a piece we may not be able to deliver. Alternatively, we offer a shopping experience that is unique amongst retailers, and is impossible to enjoy over the internet. You can admire, browse, and try on jewelry Ďtil your heartís content in a warm and customer friendly environment. Choose from literally thousands of artistically merchandised handmade creations. There is never any pressure to buy, only to make yourself at home, and enjoy the gallery.
Why arenít your prices displayed more prominently?
The most important reason is that we donít expect you to judge the value of a piece without being able to hold it, feel its weight, study itís characteristics, and try it on if youíre curious. If you donít love it, you wonít wear it, and thatís no fun at all! So we encourage you to play-- until you find jewelry that you love. This way more of your senses help you decide when a piece is right for you!

We try to show the jewelry in its best light with little distraction, and we pride ourselves on our artistic displays... Merchandising is a fun and creative part of the process and tags and prices just donít look good.
Why should I buy from Silverado instead of buying directly from the artist?
We offer competitive pricing, and the chance to try on jewelry for fit, color match, etc. No need to worry about returning ill-fitting jewelry or interpreting colors on a computer--or being home to sign for packages! At Silverado, you try on the exact piece you leave with. We encourage you to call us for a quote. We can typically offer a lower price than buying directly from the artist.
Are Silverado prices negotiable?
We pride ourselves on a fair value. Therefore we donít artificially inflate our prices in order to allow false discounting. No need to negotiate, everyone gets our best price!
Why donít you have sales?
There are a few reasons...

We work hard on pairing our buyerís tastes to the type of jewelry they buy, and have developed a system of market testing styles before bringing in a collection, minimizing the need to liquidate buying errors.

We buy in smaller quantities and order more often to have greater selection, which allows us the flexibility to respond to trends and changes in our industry. This way we donít need to liquidate pieces when designers change seasonal colorways.

Our buyers work very closely with our designers to maintain a great selection right up until the newest styles are ready to ship. When new collections arrive, the occasional orphan is moved to our ďSale TrayĒ at our cash wrap. There are always great values on single pieces... many items found here may go with something you have at home!

Isnít it difficult to park in Saratoga?
Itís true that Saratoga is a very busy town, even in the winter, but for good reason! Saratoga was designed in itís inception to be a great place of social gathering. Take notice of the grand sidewalks, the beautiful architecture, and the diverse selection of unique shopping, dining and socializing venues. Saratoga Springs is a unique place in itself, with so much rich history! From Theater to Spas, to Horse Racing, there is always something fun to do here along with your shopping. Take in some racing, a concert, a Winter Carnival, hear some local live music, have lunch or dine at one of dozens of fantastic restaurants! Whatever your purpose, finding parking is always worth an extra trip around the block! There is 2 hour parking right on Broadway, however a quick search on any adjacent block will yield many municipal lots nestled in our charming little town. Chances are that your walk will be no longer than the walk across the mall parking lot, but you might find a hidden treasure of a business that you didnít know existed! We are so fortunate to live in a place that is a destination for the rest of the world!

What are you waiting for!? Turn off your computer and experience Silverado and Downtown Saratoga Springs!